Paradiso – Speakeasy Cocktail Bar in Barcelona, Spain


There are a lot of really cool bars in Barcelona. Trust me, I have a whole list of places I still need to explore; however, this was hands down my favourite bar of my 4 day vacation in Barcelona.

During the Prohibition-Era (1920-1933) in the United States, illicit drinking houses – known as Speakeasy’s – were created. These secret clubs are now becoming quite popular and for good reason! It is such a fun concept to know a bar exists, but you need a password or you need to find a secret door to go through. Paradiso is the perfect example of this!

The entrance of the amazing Paradiso
The talented mixologists of Paradiso
The unique lit-up cocktail menu
Camaleón Cocktail – Fruity & Refreshing
Into the Woods Cocktail – Fresh & Acidic

Watching the talented bartenders create each individual and beautifully distinctive cocktail was fascinating. Take your time here. Sip on a cocktail or two and enjoy their amazing Pastrami Sandwiches. To understand why they have Pastrami Sandwiches on the menu, you just have to go and see.


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