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Fischer Fritz in Kreis 2, Zurich

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Some restaurants deserve a personal shout out and, for me, Fischer Fritz is one of them. This gorgeous restaurant lies a short bus ride away from Zurich City right alongside

Bread Lovers in Zurich

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I was never a ‘bread person’ until I moved to Europe. Bread is an essentail part to almost all meals in the day here in Europe. One can enjoy a

Best Gelato in Zurich

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Gelato is essential whilst enjoying a European summer! One of the best things about Europe are the cute streets and alleys you walk through and the perfectly located Gelateria’s where

Best Restaurants in Kreis 5, Zurich

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Kreis (District) 5, Zurich has truly become a popular place for artsy and hipster cafes, restaurants and bars. You are likely to stumble upon some cool shops as well as

DIY Food Tour Zurich: Kreis 4 & 5

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Food tours are all the rage when one explores a city. This makes perfect sense as you get to see so much more and taste all the goodness the city

Best Restaurants in Kreis 1, Zurich (Old Town)

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Zurich’s Old Town is a gorgeous place for a stroll through the variety of unique shops and for checking out the historical features including the Grössmunster & Fraumünster Church. It

Best Restaurants in Kreis 2, Zurich

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In Kreis 2, you will find summer swimmer and lake loungers in this residential area of Zurich. These, of course, means that there are great locations for wonderful food &

Best Restaurants in Kreis 3, Zurich

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In Kreis 3, you will find more of a residential area extended through the lower part of Uetliberg Mountain. There are plenty of hiking paths to enjoy the pure Swiss

Best Restaurants in Kreis 4, Zurich

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Kreis 4 is an edgier part of Zurich. Second hand shops will be surrounded by international cuisine, unique cocktail bars and nightclubs! Langstrasse was once the areas red light district!

Best (Summer) Bars in Zurich

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Whether it be by Zurich Lake, the Limmat River or in a beautiful garden within the city, Zurich has some fantastic outdoor bars to offer! Here, I have included a