DIY Food Tour Zurich: Kreis 4 & 5


Food tours are all the rage when one explores a city. This makes perfect sense as you get to see so much more and taste all the goodness the city has to offer.
When people ask me where they should eat in Zurich, I find this question to be quite impossible to answer. My goal is for people to eat, drink and experience a variety neat & unique places! This is exactly why I have created DIY Food Tours.
Of course, I encourage you to mix and match from my other DIY Food Tour Article recommendations. Make it *your* night! This is more of a guide for you…

Frau Gerolds Garten:
Enjoy a pre-drink of your choice (alcoholic or non) in this gorgeous & spacious garden. A fun atmosphere for couples or groups.
Wesley’s Kitchen:
Inspired by Japanese, Italian and Spanish Cuisine, this food sharing restaurant is a great place to go. The dumplings are superb!
Pictured: Dim Sum with pork, veggies & shrimp – Duck Dumplings
International Beer Bar:
A great place to try a unique craft beer from all over the world.
Co Chin Chin:
A gorgeous Vietnamese Restaurant with a variety of fresh Asian flavours to share with the whole table.
Pictured: Steamed rice with pork & shrimp and chicken skewers rolled up in lemon leaves
Recommended: Soft Shell Crab, Crispy Duck & Water Spinach
Gelati Tellhof:
A variety of 30 flavours to choose from, this Gelato is incredibly light and fresh. They even offer a small ‘try a new flavour’ scoop!


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