A must-have dinner in Muscat, Oman


We take every opportunity to explore a new culture any chance we get. On our way back from Indonesia, we got the opportunity to have one night in Muscat, Oman. Knowing it was Ramadan and this would be the only chance to eat outside of our Hotel, we searched for the perfect spot… and here is what we found…

Kargeen Restaurant


A beautiful and inviting entrance to Kargeen Restaurant

The first impressions one has of this place is a mystical forest with a delicate stream of lights illuminating above and all around you. It is truly magical.

The second impression is the extensive menu. Knowing we only had one night and we wanted to taste every Middle Eastern Cuisine possible, we were quite overwhelmed and ordered… quite a bit. I will never forget the waiter saying ‘I think you have ordered enough…’, but we ordered two more things from the menu! No regrets, we loved everything! Let me show you what I mean…

Kargeen Special Bread:
I can’t recommend this enough! A mix of cheese, veggies, herbs and minced meat inside this gorgeous, fluffy & crispy bread
Hommos Bil Tahina, Babaganoush & Tabouleh Dips
We couldn’t NOT order these
Chicken Tikka & a recommended Meat wrapped in Leaf cooking for over 24 hours in the ground. We were told people living in Oman only eat this on special occasions

If you have one night in Muscat, Oman… This is the place to be!


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