Chumbe Island in Tanzania

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There are no words to describe how magical and special this Award-Winning, Eco-Lodge, Private Nature Reserve Island is. Life is sweet as every day passes whether you decide to snorkel in the Coral Reef Sanctuary, walk through the Nature Reserve Forest, or relax by the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. We have explored here twice, and both times, we never wanted to leave.

How you get there

Chumbe Island is off the gorgeous coast of Zanzibar. We stayed in Stone Town, Zanzibar for 3 nights before venturing to Chumbe for 2 nights.

Chumbe Island will inform of the meeting point at Protea Hotel by Marriott Zanzibar Mbweni Ruins where you will wait with a cold drink in hand for the boat to take you on a quick and gorgeous 30 minute ride to the island.

The boat ride is from


Bedroom is on the top floor.
Living area, bathroom & shower are on the bottom floor.
All Eco-Lodges are private & secluded guided by a short sand path.
The Bedroom view from one of the 7 Eco-Lodges.
All lodges (except for the family lodge) are the same.


There is a selection of wonderful dishes served for breakfast and lunch. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, eggs & toast were on the menu. It is truly a great way to start the day, especially where it was served.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with a view

Dinner is prepared over an open fire every evening. A variety of mouthwatering dishes are served including Zanzibarian, African, Indian and Arabic Cuisine. Fresh vegetables, local meat and daily caught fish are presented in a buffet style for you to enjoy.

My husband and sister in law watching the sunset before dinner


The island may be small, but there is quite a lot of things to do here.

The main attraction is snorkelling through the Coral Reef Sanctuary. There are about 440 fish species and over 200 hard corals to explore. I have seen turtles, giant crayfish, boxer fish & many more whilst I was there. It is such a wonderful experience.

The information board that is changed daily.

Light House
Walk up the light house to get spectacular views of the Island! Recommended to do in the morning & at sunset!

Chumbe Island’s Lighthouse
Sunset view from the lighthouse

Crab Forest Walk
Do not let this scare you, but there are Giant Crabs roaming around in the forest called Coconut Crabs. They are completely harmless, and you never really see them unless you go on this walk. They are an endangered species, however, are very safe on Chumbe. They do the Crab Forest Walk every night, and we never missed the chance to go! It is completely up to you, but I would recommend it!

Coconut Crab

Yes, you are on a gorgeous island, sometimes all you want to do is lay down, relax and read… or nap! This is allowed and definitely encouraged here.

Chumbe Island’s Lobby & Restaurant

I can’t recommend this place enough. My husband and I visited this place for a romantic getaway, and a year later we brought our parents and siblings. It is a place I wish everyone to be able to enjoy and experience!


2 thoughts on “Chumbe Island in Tanzania”

  1. Rozanne says:

    Had the pleasure of going to the island twice with my amazing family! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.. snorkelling in the untouched coral reefs, dessert chats on the beach under the stars.. crazy scary coconut crabs in the misterious forest and fresh seafood for dinner .. truly a hakuna your tatas experience. Couldn’t have written it any better than you did! ?

  2. ShaniKhan says:

    This is really a good and beautiful place to visit.

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