Eat, Drink, Sleep: Gili Trawangan


Known as the Party Island out of the 3 Indonesian Gili Islands. Gili T (for short) is absolutely breathtaking morning through evening. The sunsets are a mix of fire and ice as the resting sun mirrors through the turquoise sea. We stayed in Gili Trawangan for 3 nights, and it was absolutely perfect. If you want to party, you party… if you want relaxation, you will find that too!


Desa Dunia Beda Resort

This resort is on the opposite side of the Party Streets of Gili Trawangan. We wanted the option of heading to the party side when we wanted, and leaving it as we pleased. This is the perfect place for tranquility and relaxation.
One more perk for this gorgeous resort is being able to step right out onto the beach and snorkel! Be aware that High and Low Tide exists, so check the timing so when it is Low Tide, you nap, relax & explore… and when it is High Tide, you snorkel!

Our Joglo Villa overlooking the ocean

They have their own private beach as well as bikes to rent that will quickly get you around from place to place. Our favourite thing about this place was the breakfast! Situated right by the Turquoise blue sea, they situate you underneath the trees for a delectable meal.

Watermelon Smoothies
Mixed Sweet Potato & Egg Hash + Smoothie bowl with fresh fruits and granola


Tiki Grove

Our favourite place to eat (eeek, we went TWICE) was Tiki Grove. It is placed in the middle of the island, so it was really fun to cycle through the forest on the sand path to get more of a feel for the island. Great for a taco dinner or even just for a drink. It is a very fun & hip atmosphere with creative cocktails and amazing tacos with the cutest couple as the owners! Definitely recommended.

Tiki Grove Bar & Restaurant

The delicious tacos + cocktails (yes, we did buy the shark cocktail as a souvenir!)

Night Market

Open every day from 18:30 to 1:30am, this is a must go! Don’t be shy, you will spot a lot of backpackers and locals at this time choosing the meats, fish & veggies they want on the grill. It is such a cool experience, you must try it at least one night. We decided to do it on our last night jumping from market stall to market stall. Our favourite was the Tuna Kebab with Veggies (that we were able to pick out ourselves). Go local, and give it a go!

Fish Kebab Heaven!

Tasty Tip

Your first priority should be to check the times for sunset! Get to West side of the Island for the most spectacular views! My husband and I would grab beers at the local shop and find a quiet spot alone on the beach.
If you are one to join a party, get to the lounge chairs and bean bags early for the best spot!


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