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DIY Food Tour Zurich: Kreis 4 & 5

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Food tours are all the rage when one explores a city. This makes perfect sense as you get to see so much more and taste all the goodness the city

Italian Cuisine: Freihof by Debbie

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http://freihofbydebbie.ch There is something about Italian Cuisine that draws foodies into a fabulous food coma! Freihof by Debbie does not disappoint. Being in Switzerland, you are so close, yet so

Best Restaurants in Kreis 1, Zurich (Old Town)

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Zurich’s Old Town is a gorgeous place for a stroll through the variety of unique shops and for checking out the historical features including the Grössmunster & Fraumünster Church. It

Best Restaurants in Kreis 2, Zurich

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In Kreis 2, you will find summer swimmer and lake loungers in this residential area of Zurich. These, of course, means that there are great locations for wonderful food &

Best Restaurants in Kreis 3, Zurich

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In Kreis 3, you will find more of a residential area extended through the lower part of Uetliberg Mountain. There are plenty of hiking paths to enjoy the pure Swiss

Best Restaurants in Kreis 4, Zurich

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Kreis 4 is an edgier part of Zurich. Second hand shops will be surrounded by international cuisine, unique cocktail bars and nightclubs! Langstrasse was once the areas red light district!

Alsace: A Weekend of Food & Wine

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The Alsace is known for its cute traditional french villages surrounded by the vast vineyards. White wines are the pride and joy of the Alsace including Cremant (Alsace’s Sparkling Wine),